DIY Woodworking Plans: How Build Simple Bookcase from Stair Treads

Do you show pictures and books on a couple of boards being held up with concrete blocks or bricks? If so, then I have some excellent news for you. To construct a bookcase or bookshelves, you aren’t needed to be a master woodworker, carpenter, or designer. You can be even the most newbie of woodworkers.

Another concern that you will not have is the expense of a store packed with pricey tools, lots of dollars worth of lumber, or comprehensive strategies. It takes a little lumber, a circular saw or table saw, and a little time. You even can cut scrap lumber to offer yourself some veneer edges if you utilize plywood for the shelving. The job will take half a day for the newbie, much less for the advanced.

What lumber should you utilize when developing the bookcase? Much of that will depend upon you, what you have the ability to invest, and even if you have it laying around in the store. As pointed out, if you utilize plywood, you can constantly conceal the plywood edges by ripping veneer from strong lumber to conceal the veneer. If you do not utilize plywood, then you do not need to have the veneer however you can include some design to it if you do have something on the edges.

Though some usage screws to create the bookcase, you can likewise opt for nails and glue. Gluing is a need to if you choose nails since it does not have the strength and holding power that screws do. If you utilize screws, topping them makes the shelving system look much better and complete.

This video listed below is a fantastic action by action educational on how to construct an easy bookcase. You will discover in the video that it is truly as basic as I state to handle this job.