Table Saw Cabinet

I saw plans for this cabinet and liked the vertical slide doors. It was planned to fit under the table saw, however, my saw does not have sufficient area. This is OKAY considering that I didn’t like the concept of drawers opening because of instructions. While a cabinet makes fantastic usage of the otherwise dead area, I still lose area in front of the table for drawer clearance. So, I believe I’d rather develop racks under the table so I do not lose that important area long my wall. I still liked the style, so I simply made it totally free standing which likewise offered me a brand-new surface area for either tools or jobs.

This is the very first my very first time constructing with pocket holes and likewise batching up drawers to fit a cabinet. I required to improve at making the drawers square, however otherwise, things worked well. A number of the drawers are a little misaligned, so the faces do not sit precisely right. The leading drawer, in specific, is misaligned. However, they’re all practical and look decent enough. Next time I’m going to utilize corner clamps and pay closer attention while likewise making it simpler and much faster.

The vertical drawers are quite clever. I have 3 installs for saw blades figuring I’ll have 3 standard kinds of blades: Combo, ripping, and cross-cutting. I’ll most likely keep an extra or 2 of each as I attempt various blades and change dull blades. I likewise put in an install for my dado blade, dado blade insert, and the dado blade brake. I likewise have an area for some push sticks and riving knives. I made the installs out of scrap plywood with 5/8-inch dowels. For the dado blades and insert, I traced and cut an install on the bandsaw. Then glued and nailed them into the location. I’m quite delighted with how these drawers ended up. I have not put many ideas into what will enter into the horizontal drawers, so they’ll fill as time goes.

I still have some products holding on the side of my saw. The miter gauge and blade wrenches are still holding on the side, which works for me.

When it gets warmer, I believe I’ll glue an install to the side to hang my crosscut sled.